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Welcome at the Kronenburgh International Business School

Welcome to enter our international community

In historic The Hague, city of Peace and Justice, the Dutch government and the Royal family are based. But also many international organizations have opted for our city. The Hague is also a top location for entrepreneurs and International Business. For example, the Shell head office is in The Hague. By following the education programs of the Kronenburgh International Business School you will acquire the knowledge and skills to work at this type of organizations and companies. Of course there is also the beach in Scheveningen, where you can get a breath of fresh air after a day of wonderful learning experiences.

Thanks to the presence of International colleges, Universities of applied science, the Leiden University, the Institute Social Studies (ISS) as part of the Erasmus University and of course the Kronenburgh International Business School, there is a true student life in The Hague. You can become part of all that.

Legal Residency

Students from EU/EEA countries

Students from EU/EEA countries are not required to submit a valid residence permit. Submitting a copy of your passport or identity card, which must be valid on the first day of enrolment, is considered sufficient proof that you are from an EU/EEA country. You do need to register as a citizen with the Municipality of Den Haag (City Hall) or any other Municipality in the Netherlands, depending on where you live, within 4 weeks after your arrival.

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA

Students who do not have a nationality from an EU/EEA country must submit a copy of their residence permit or other documents considered to be proof of legal residency in the Netherlands, which must be valid on the first day of enrolment. Proof of legal residency in the Netherlands that will be considered valid are:

  • an authorisation for a temporary stay (‘Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf’, MVV);
  • a residence permit.

To have proof of legally residency on the first day of enrolment, Kronenburgh needs to start an immigration procedure for you well in advance. If you fail to meet our conditions before the deadline for an immigration procedure, you will not be able to have legal residency in the Netherlands on the first day of enrolment causing you not to be able to enrol as a student.

Student housing

Housing is really important. You have to live safe and comfortable during your stay. There are so many choices. You can find the perfect room, roommate or apartment in a matter of minutes! Nice areas to live in for students are for example the Regentesselaan, the Laan van Nieuw-Oost-Indie and the Rijswijkseweg. However, The Hague is such a fun city, you will find nice places all over!

Here are some sites that can help you to find the perfect housing:

Kronenburgh has no relationship with the above mentioned organisations. The list above is not complete.

Students’ corps

The Hague is a real student city with no fewer than 20 student associations. These are social associations, sports associations, religious associations of student associations with a social character.

The Hague student associations have the ‘open month’ for all new students in The Hague. The open month starts every year with the HOP week and the OH OH Intro at the end of August or the beginning of September. In the months of September and October the student associations have organized many events and parties where you can just go to get acquainted with an association! Here some links:

More information (in Dutch)

Registration University UK

The Bachelor’s program of the Kronenburgh International Business School consists of two academic years in The Hague and a third academic year at an International university.

After completing the first two years with a positive result, the student receives the Higher National Diploma in Business (HND). The HND is an admission requirement to enter a TOP-up program at an International university.

You can select any university in any country that offers a TOP-up program and accepts the HND as an admission requirement.

It is logical, but not strictly necessary, to choose a TOP-up program in International Business. See for example the Brighton University.

Each student takes care of the registration for himself at a university for the TOP-up program.

There are often also additional admission requirements for the English language level. That is why IELTS English is part of the college program and the Kronenburgh Language College offers additional training.

You should be aware that university admission criteria is always subject to change and understand the course entry requirements for subject, year and grade before applying. So always check the entry requirements for degree programmes at specific Higher Education providers.

The academic title that is obtained after completing the TOP-up program with a positive result can also differ per university: Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). It is important to look at which title best fits the master’s program that is intended as a follow-up education.